What people say

We had a very difficult issue with pulsing RF from a neighbour’s Solar Inverter running through the cabling in our property. Thankfully, Guy came out and solved what had become a complex problem, restoring calm back to our home.
John S.
Yes, at last something that made a difference! With Guy’s advice and solutions, we worked out some good practical things to do to reduce my radiation. I thought I’d tried everything.
Petronella S.
The wallpaper wasn’t cheap, but it was easy to put up and made a big difference to my sleep.
Miss Liz G.
Hemel Hempstead
I’ve watched your introductory video on electro-magnetic radiation & the health issues associated with higher & lower frequencies ranges + your video on the importance of being properly earthed. I watched a number of videos & read quite a lot of written information over the years & I’ve found yours to be especially informative & well presented – thank you
New Zealand
The survey showed directly what was wrong and why I was getting my symptoms. It was really complicated but the solutions were simple and when I did what I was advised I did get start getting better.
Mrs. R.
I don’t understand radio waves and electricity but Guy measured my house and his action plan has given me my life back.
Veronica W.
My headset allows me to use a phone for work without getting a headache. I get strange feeling when I put a mobile to my ear. This headset allows me to use my phone for much longer.
Peter B.
Burgess Hill
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