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Electromagnetic Pollution

Dr Mercola and Electrosmog

Preaching to the unconverted? My blogs are mainly read by those who understand about the effects of everyday electromagnetic fields. So the point is how

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Beneficial Environment

Reduce children’s exposure to wireless

“Reduce children’s exposure to wireless” states the The Cyprus Government’s Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health. Some government’s around the world are waking

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wifi in schools
Beneficial Environment

WiFi in Schools

This is a tragic story – a 15 year old girl in the UK committed suicide, possibly as a plea for help, after suffering from

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EMF radiation protection

EMF Radiation Protection

Beneficial Environments sells EMF radiation protection products. They can be found in our shop. We sell EMF radiation protection clothing; t-shirts, tops, boxer shorts & hats. Made

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Wi-Fi Health Risks

Wifi Radiation Health Risks

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the United Nations’ World Health Organization, has classified Radio Frequency Electro Magnetic Fields (RF/EMF) as Class

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