Top cancer expert says wifi is as dangerous as tobacco and asbestos

In this Daily Mail article top cancer expert Professor Anthony Miller says wifi is as dangerous as tobacco and asbestos

Prof Anthony Miller of Toronto University couldn’t be blunter, saying: ‘[Wifi] should not be allowed in schools.’

Professor Miller – who was Director of Canada’s National Cancer Institute’s Epidemiology Unit, and has held top posts in the World Health Organisation and the German Cancer Research Centre – is not alone in his fears.

He is the latest in a long line of top scientists to warn that the invisible waves of electromagnetic radiation that now constantly wash over us all – dubbed ‘electrosmog’ even by some academics – may cause a future cancer epidemic, and that it’s children who are most at risk.

Some concerned nations have already begun banning or restricting wifi, as well as mobile phones – another source of electrosmog – in schools.

France has banned wifi from nursery schools (the younger the child, the greater the danger), and restricted its use in teaching children up to the age of 11.

It has also banned mobile phones from all schools, partly because they are socially disruptive. But the country’s official Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety has recommended that tablets and other wifi devices should be regulated as phones are.

Cyprus has also banned wifi from kindergartens, and only permits it in the staff offices of junior schools for administration purposes. Israel also prohibits it in pre-schools and kindergartens, and allows it only to be gradually introduced in class as children get older. The Israeli city of Haifa has hardwired its school system so children can used computers that don’t need wifi to connect to the internet.

Frankfurt, meanwhile, hardwired 80 per cent of all its schools more than a decade ago, while the school authorities in Salzburg, Austria, wrote to headteachers officially advising them not to use wifi as long ago as 2005.

Ghent in Belgium has banned wifi in pre-schools and daycare centres, while individual local authorities in Spain and Italy have removed it from all their schools. Even faraway French Polynesia has prohibited it in nursery schools and limits it in primary ones. And so the list goes on.

Here in Britain, by contrast, there is only complacency and inaction – despite authoritative early warnings of trouble ahead.

Until Public Health England (formerly PHA) follow suit, the recommendation from us at Beneficial Environments is to try and reduce your everyday exposure to electosmog, by taking these sensible precautions:

  • Use a wired Internet solution during the day where possible, to connect to your devices and either disable Wifi at the router itself or use a shielded router bag
  • Use an airtube head set, or better still use one with an EMF filter (See our latest product Oktapus)
  • Disable data (3G/4G), bluetooth and wifi on your phone when it is not being used
  • Switch off your wifi router at night
  • Switch mobile phones off or to flight mode at night
  • Charge devices away from your body and your bed


Health risks of mobile phones

In this video Guy Hudson, physicist and electrosensitive discusses the health risks of mobile phones.

The health risks of mobile phones can be minimized by using an airtube headset which is available from Beneficial Environments’ shop.

Health risks of mobile phones – mitigated through the use of an airtube headset

Airtube headsets are thought by many doctors and scientists to be safer because they reduce microwave and other EM fields exposure massively for the user of mobile phones.
Why are they different? The airtube is an empty tube that carries the sound from a little loudspeaker in the microphone dongle which is 270mm away from the user’s ear.
Airtube headsets have the advantage of massively reducing the health risks of mobile phones and radiation exposure experienced by the user from a mobile phone or cordless phone, particularly to the user’s head. This works in 2 ways – the Which Report measured increased radiation on ordinary wire headsets that picked up the mobile phone radiation – airtube headsets stop this happening and also do not have audio frequency magnetic fields from the ordinary earpiece near your ear nerve.

Other methods to reduce the health risks of mobile phones include:

  • Disabling WiFi and data (3G/4G) when not needed
  • Putting the mobile phone into ‘flight mode’ when not using it
  • Putting the mobile phone into ‘flight mode’ or turning it off when sleeping
  • Placing the phone away from your body when turning the mobile phone on (from off)
  • Placing the phone away from your body when making a call (connection) – especially when the signal is weak

Wifi Radiation Health Risks

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the United Nations’ World Health Organization, has classified Radio Frequency Electro Magnetic Fields (RF/EMF) as Class 2b carcinogens – possibly carcinogenic to humans.

The main sources of RF/EMF are radios, televisions, microwave ovens, mobile/cell phones, and WiFi devices.

In this video Guy Hudson, physicist and electrosensitive discusses Wifi Radiation Health Risks

Wifi Radiation Health Risks

Wifi Health Risks Research

There is a growing number of scientists looking at Wifi Health Risks Research and the causes of Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

In the UK one of the best summaries of the ongoing research efforts is the work of Michael Bevington.

Over 1,800 research references are contained in Bevington’s 2013 book “Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: A Summary

These are invaluable sets of abstracts (data-based to be searchable) covering the Radio Frequency Radiation scientific literature, as well as collections of scientific abstracts on free radical damage and a set specific to electrosensitivity.  They cover the research published between 1990-2014

The Wifi health risks research is at a point where the main stream media can no longer ignore their findings.

Wifi Health Risks

Wireless Internet routers or Wi-Fi modems emit electromagnetic radiation in the low Gigahertz frequency range. We can be exposed to these EMFs almost 24×7 at work and in our homes.

To reduce any potential Wifi health risks associated with long term exposure to these EMFs you can do several things:

  • Switch off your Wi-Fi modem at night or when not in use
  • Disable wireless on your laptop and/or computer and use wired Ethernet to your modem for an Internet connection
  • Take frequent breaks away from the irradiated area

If you can still see other people’s Wi-Fi routers you may want to consider shielding to protect you and your family.

WiFi Health Hazards

WiFi Health Hazards

WiFi operates at a range of frequencies but mainly in the 2.4 GHz band.
It doesn’t travel very far and is easily absorbed by water (which is what we’re mainly composed of).

WiFi is a big disruptor of biological processes and is a health hazard.

A simple way to remove the WiFi health hazards is to use wired Ethernet & disable wireless on your laptop and your WiFi router.

This list of WLAN channels is the set of legally allowed wireless local area network channels using IEEE 802.11 protocols, mostly sold under the trademark Wi-Fi.

The 802.11 workgroup currently documents use in five distinct frequency ranges: 2.4 GHz, 3.6 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 5 GHz, and 5.9 GHz bands.

Wifi router health risks

Wifi health hazards – source Wikipedia

Wifi Router Health Risks

In this video Guy Hudson discusses Wifi Router Health Risks


Mobile Phone Health Risks

In this video Guy Hudson discusses Mobile Phone Health Risks