Electrosensitivity & Electrohypersensitivity Studies

If anyone is wondering if there is scientific evidence of the health effects of electromagnetic fields please download and read this paper (Electrosensitivity UK, March 2018) on Electrosensitivity & Electrohypersensitivity Studies.

It is also useful to send to anyone who questions the link between electromagnetism and the health of biological systems. It is a very useful reference of 2,000 Electrosensitivity & Electrohypersensitivity Studies.

Electrosensitivity Electrohypersensitivity Studies

WiFi Refugees

Wi-Fi Refugees. Electrosensitive people try to escape wireless technology.

This film about people in the US with electrosensitivity and how it affects their lives. It is a good introduction for those who have not yet understood or seen the severe human cost of the problem to those affected by electrosmog and treats the electrosensitivity sufferers with respect and dignity.

However, the solutions shown in this film are not anywhere near as effective as used by others. This means that individuals with Electrosensitivity can have more expectation that they will get better as there are more and more documented cases of people getting their lives back together and better techniques for electromog reduction and also improved modalities for improving the body’s response to the pollution.

Consultancies like Beneficial Environments to create low electrosmog environments to allow electrosensitive clients to live in cities and countryside with minimum inconvenience and so that their most important environments, where they spend significant times are well below their sensitivity trigger levels and so that they can heal and reduce their symptoms and get a fuller life back. Guy Hudson the CEO of Beneficial Environments has reduced his sensitivity and now leads a very full life helping others.

Just one example from the film: shielding a room right round with reflective shielding causes mutliple internal reflections which affect electrosensitive people, also connecting the shielding and earthing it in a band around the room cause an induction loop for mains frequencies. So with a bit of extra knowledge people’s electrosmog levels may be reduced greatly. (The solution in this case:- use non-reflecting shielding and design out induction loops)

To understand what Beneficial Environments can do for you Download our ebook (fill out the form on the right hand side) and look at the items in the webshop – they are things we use ourselves.

Guy Hudson


In this video Guy Hudson, physicist and electosensitive talks about the many symptoms of electrohypersensitivity.

The major symptoms of electrohypersensitivity are tinnitus, headaches, cluster headaches, stomach disturbances, inguinal neuralgia, sleep problems, insomnia, tiredness, rashes, chronic fatigue syndrome, food and other allergies.

Notes on symptoms.

Accumulation: Cumulative exposure can produce symptoms, making symptoms from chronic exposure more difficult to recognize than from acute exposure.

Delay: Symptoms can be delayed after acute exposure for a few hours.

Diurnal State: Symptoms vary according to the diurnal state of a person’s body (which often declines during the day).

Duration: Individual symptoms can last for a short or long time.

Frequencies: The sufferer may react first to a single frequency or source but later to more.

Intensity: As the condition progresses the level of sensitivity can increase.

Ionizing Similarities: Studies indicate symptoms from exposure to EM (non-ionizing) radiation are similar to those from radioactive (ionizing) radiation.

Severe Reactions: Severe reactions include paralysis, convulsions, seizures, loss of consciousness and stroke, or they can exacerbate an existing medical condition.

At Beneficial Environments we have solutions to reduce your electromagnetic pollution which will alleviate and reduce the symptoms of electrohypersensitivity.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

A very well researched book on EHS was published in 2013 called Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – A Summary by Michael Bevington.

He writes

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is categorised as a multisymptomatic ‘el-allergy’ in the Nordic classification of 2000 (R.68.8). Its symptoms are ‘certainly real’ and it can be a ‘disabling condition’ (W.H.O., 2005). It was first recorded in the mid 20th Century as an occupational illness, but it has now spread into the general population through environmental exposure from increasing levels of electro-magnetic fields and radiation.

wifi health risks research

EMF, Electrosmog and Electrosensitivity

A 2015 Conference on EMF, Electrosmog and Electrosensitivity

Sunday 1st November 2015 9.30am – 4pm near Haywards Heath, Sussex

Conference Agenda and Speaker details

Following the success of the Get Wired conference of 2013, we are following up with a one day conference in
Bolney, West Sussex.  This will be an excellent opportunity to hear about the latest developments in EMF science and to meet others who are concerned with this issue.

The venue for Get Wired 2015 is the Rawson Hall in Bolney, West Sussex.

For delegates that are ES: The venue has been selected for its low electrosmog levels and further tailored to create a low electrosmog environment.

The facility benefits from a very low level of EMF pollution with no Wi-Fi or DECT cordless phones present.  We will be ensuring that any cell phones and other mobile equipment will be switchedoff during the event.  The nearest cell tower is 600 meters away and cannot be detected with an Acoustimeter. There is no wifi nor cordless phones. The lighting will be modified to reduce electrosmog. All mobile phones must be switched off.

The Audio-visual equipment will all be wired (no radio microphones) and kept to a minimum – we will have a laptop, a projector and 4 wired speakers connected to 2 wired microphones. There will be 2 video cameras recordign the event. We will reserve seating for delegates who wish to keep away from the electronics.

We hope to offer an ES recovery area for those who find travelling a problem.

To full address for the venue is:

Rawson Hall
The Street
W Sussex, RH17 5PF

Speaker line-up and lecture titles are available on the Conference website.

Seating for up to 200 people.

£25 at the door. Low wage £15 at the door.

Lunch is at a modest extra cost and needs to be reserved when you book the conference tickets. It will be gluten, egg and dairy free.

Please book your lunch when buying a ticket.  Please select the “with lunch reserved” option. Price for lunch is £10.

A musician’s experiences of electrosensitivity

I read and watch a lot of material on electrosensitivity but this is full of humanity, feeling, knowledge and understanding.

A musician’s life is seriously affected by her electrosensitivity and she describes with great clarity and from the heart.

Radiation Diaries – Elizabeth’s Story  [If the privacy settings SORRY message comes up click the “Watch on Vimeo” button]

In this episode of “Radiation Diaries,” Elizabeth relates,
in metaphorical terms, the profound negative affects of
microwave. The proliferation of cell phones, towers, mobile
devices and “smart” meters, have required that she retreat
into her ecologically green home.

Because there is now a proliferation of massive numbers of
wireless devices, which broadcast microwaves and other
energies, it must be assumed that the average person
in the U.S. receives levels of radiation never before
experienced in human history.