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GUYWe conduct surveys in homes and offices in areas used for sleeping, working and resting. We check the levels of electromagnetic fields and compare them with those recommended by the Institute of Building Biology, Stetzer Electric and others.

It is a practical, tried-and-tested approach, based on well-established science and gaining from decades of experience of electromagnetic (EM) surveying.

There are 2 main sets of customers:

a) preventative – those clients that want to protect and enhance themselves and their families

b) those who want to reduce their their symptoms of electrosensitivity and other immune system – related disease by
lowering electromagnetic pollution.

The purpose and output of the surveys: several hundred measurements will be taken and interpreted. However most of the time taken in the survey is instructional helping the client to understand the pollution as we find the problems – but more importantly, we agree solutions with you and actions to take that are practical and within your budget. So the output is a list of actions and solutions. Some of the recommendations are technology use (electromagnetic hygiene) and others are protection.

When required, we work with electricians plumbers, builders, architects to resolve or design out  electrosmog.

The survey of a typical home (office and commercial premises will differ) will include (where appropriate and feasible) checks for :

  • radio/microwave fields (mobiles, cordless phones, wifi, cellmasts)
  • ‘dirty’ electricity (transient variations in the voltage and frequency of the mains)
  • earthing systems
  • extra low frequency electric and magnetic fields (from mains supply and building wiring)
  • geomagnetic anomalies (distortions in the earth’s magnetic field)
  • geopathic stress (radiation from under buildings thought to be caused by dirty electricity in underground streams)
  • induced body voltages

We can recommend ways to for you to reduce your exposure to excessive pollution, while doing everything possible to retain full use of your electrical equipment. Many people try a DIY approach with rented meters but quickly discover that today’s electromagnetic landscape is highly complex and so having an experienced professional electromagnetic surveyor on site is important.

As part of our professional approach to electromagnetic surveying, we hold professional indemnity insurance.

Survey fees start at £250 (no VAT) for 1 bedroom-size flat and scaled according to scope of the survey and size of the property.  In cases of financial hardship there is a scale of reduced fees.

To book a survey, please contact us on the form below or call +44 (0) 1273 251956

We also offer a design service to help establish an electrically calm and healthy environment in new buildings.

“I love the challenge of electromagnetic surveying – not only an opportunity to solve problems (and different one arise in each survey!!) but also to help people in their quest for better health” Guy Hudson Lead Surveyor Bsc Phys.

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