Why have a home survey?

Where you sleep, rest, eat, cook, work (increasingly), is your home. Yo spend a lot of time there and your home environment is where you experience a lot of electrosmog, and if designed to be at low levels can be very healing. Our surveyor will lead you through to understanding the complex electromagnetic landscape in your home and discuss with you the effective reductions of the key elements in practical ways to suit your budget.

An example: most electrosmog comes from your own electronics (because they are close to you) and therefore you can massively reduce the levels of electrosmog that you experience by modifying how you use your technology.

We measure low frequency and high frequency electrosmog levels in home and recommend tailored actions by finding the balance between cost, convenience and desired reduction that best suits you and your lifestyle.

People often call to say they have bought a meter and what do they do next! Let an experienced professional surveyor lead you to effective solutions.

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