TEDx Talk: Wireless

Jeromy Johnson is Electro Hyper-sensitive (EHS).

He used to work in Silicon Valley in the United States and become very ill when Smart Meters were introduced where he lived. He then became sensitive to other sources of EMFs.

In February 2016 Jeromy gave this excellent presentation at at TEDx talk in Berkeley, California.

The solutions he puts forward are in line with what we recommend at Beneficial Environments.

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Electrosmog Survey

In this video Guy Hudson, physicist and electrosensitive talks about what Beneficial Environment does when they carry out an Electrosmog Survey.

We conduct surveys in homes and offices, in areas used for sleeping, working and resting. We check the levels of electromagnetic fields and compare them with those recommended by the Institute of Building Biology, Stetzer Electric and others.

It is a practical, tried-and-tested approach, based on well-established science and gaining from decades of experience of electromagnetic (EM) surveying.

The survey of a typical home (office and commercial premises will differ) will include (where appropriate and feasible) checks for :

  • radio/microwave fields (mobiles, cordless phones, wifi, cellmasts)
  • ‘dirty’ electricity (transient variations in the voltage and frequency of the mains)
  • earth live and neutral being connected
  • extra low frequency electric and magnetic fields
  • geomagnetic anomalies
  • geopathic stress
  • induced body voltages

We can recommend ways to for you to reduce your exposure to excessive pollution, while doing everything possible to retain full use of your electrical equipment.

As part of our professional approach to electromagnetic surveying, we hold professional indemnity insurance.

We also offer a design service to help establish an electrically calm and healthy environment in new buildings.

Book an Electrosmog survey today.

Environmental Effects on Health

The Building Biologists look at environmental effects on health when putting together their evaluation guidelines.

The important SBM Building Biology Standards, updated for 2015 have been translated and are available in the UK here.

At Beneficial Environments we use these standards when surveying and designing low electrosmog environments.

One area that is important in reducing the environmental effects on health is where you sleep.

The Building Biology evaluation guidelines for ‘sleeping areas’ looks at:

  • Fields, Waves and Radiation
  • Indoor Toxins, Pollutants and Indoor Climate
  • Fungi, Bacteria and Allergens

and uses a guiding principle that any risk reduction is worth aiming at.

building biology design

Environmental Effects on Health

Under Fields, Waves and Radiation it gives levels of fields, body voltage, flux densities, power densities, surface potentials, discharge times, radon levels and other measurements which are categorised as No Anomaly, Slight Anomaly, Severe Anomaly and Extreme Anomaly.

No Anomaly is the category which provides the highest degree of precaution. It reflects the unexposed natural conditions or the common and nearly inevitable background level of our modern living environment. Extreme Anomaly is the category (values) which call for immediate and rigorous action. In this category international guidelines and recommendations for public and occupational exposures may be reached or even exceeded.

Building Biology Design

We humans sleep for a third of our lives, the time when our bodies repair and restore our cells. But studies show that we now have an epidemic of poor sleep—a third of the UK population says they have interrupted and poor-quality sleep. Many have attributed one cause of poor sleep to electrosmog, but the lack of sleep also prevents us from recovering from the damaging daily dose of electrosmog and so encourages the buildup of electrosensitivity along with its plethora of symptoms.

This means it’s important to reduce your dosage of electromagnetic pollution to levels where your body can recover to not only ease the debilitating symptoms of electrosensitivity, but also to prevent the development of electrosensitivity in the future.

The SMB-2015 Building Biology design & evaluation guidelines for Sleeping Areas are important in setting a standard for designing sleeping areas associated with long-term risks and a most sensitive window of opportunity for regeneration.

The set of guidelines are only meant as a guide but any risk reduction is worth aiming at.

The excerpt below is from the building biology Evaluation Guidelines for Sleeping Areas.

Section A of the document covers

  1. AC Electric Fields
  2. AC Magnetic Fields
  3. Radio-Frequency Radiation
  4. Static Electric Fields
  5. Static Magnetic Fields
  6. Radioactivity
  7. Geological Disturbances
  8. Sound Waves
  9. Light

1.7. are given measurements/readings which fall into one of the following  4 categories/anomalies:

No Anomaly, Slight Anomaly, Severe Anomaly and Extreme Anomaly

building biology design

building biology evaluation guidelines

The translated set of SBM-2015 Building Biology Guidelines can be found here 




Electrosmog Conference

Electrosmog Conference

Beneficial Environments and Stop Smart Meters are jointly hosting a conference on EMF, Electrosmog & Electro-Sensitivity in Bolney, near Haywards Heath on Sunday November 1st.  Join us for a day of presentations and expert panel discussions with scientists, medical doctors, academics and researchers, on the implications of wireless technology and electro-pollution and the steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.

Speakers and Panelists

Dr Martin Blank, PhD – Columbia University
Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe MD – PHIRE
Dr Elizabeth Evans, MD – SSITA, Stop Smart Meters! UK
Paula Healy, MSc – Neuroscience Researcher
Roy Riggs – EMF Remediation
Guy Hudson, MInstP – Beneficial Environments Ltd
Prof Victor Newman, PhD – Cranfield Mgt School
Mike Mitcham – Stop Smart Meters! UK


Tickets are £20 or £10 if you have a low income.

Lunch is an optional extra at £10 each.
Vegan curries and salads provided by Mama Ghanoush of Hurstpierpoint.

For more information, please click here

To book your place, please click here.

Electrosmog Conference

Electrosmog Conference

Dowsing Courses

Beneficial Environments runs one-day dowsing courses for people who want to learn how to dowse for geopathics and health, via learning to dowse for water.

At the end of each course, delegates should be able to use dowsing rods with confidence, detect underground streams including geopathic lines and begin to use map dowsing, and create dowsable thought forms. Advanced dowsers should be able to sense to what extent a water line is geopathic.

The course includes both theory and practice, exploring how and why dowsing works, the history and ethics of dowsing, and dowsing for things other than water, such as geopathic energies.

We cover parallels and diffraction patterns, the Curry and Hartmann grids, possible causes of geopathics and learn how best to understand and dowse for them.

You will learn about the importance of protection and sensitivity, and about creating a thought line and consensus dowsing.

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

If you are interested in attending a future Dowsing course please contact us here

SBM Building Biology Standards

The Important SBM Building Biology Standards, updated for 2015 have now been translated and are available in the UK for the first time here.

Building Biology (or Baubiologie) is a field of building science investigating the indoor living environment for a variety of irritants.

Important areas of building biology are building materials and processes, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radiation (EMR) and indoor air quality (IAQ).

Beneficial Environments uses these standards when surveying and designing low electrosmog environments.

SBM 2015: Building Biology Standards

SBM 2015: Building Biology Standards


National Wellness Day

Today is National Wellness Day in the UK; an initiative created by Ben Nash he recommends following 6 simple principles for one day & start to experience:

  • A Clear & Calm Mind
  • High Energy
  • True Wellness
  • A Rested & Relaxed Body
  • A Feeling of Vitality
  • Peace and Tranquility

Feel Rested & Rejuvenated
Turn off all electricity in your room, your phone and your wifi. Meditate before you sleep and drift off and dream for 8 hours and ideally bed before 10PM tonight.

If, like a third of the UK population you have a problem getting a deep sleep go to the next level and create a beneficial environment. Low electrosmog will calm your nerves.

First things to add –

  1. Turn off your DECT cordless phone base unit off
  2. Sleep earthed – use an earthed bedsheet connected to earth for natural balance for your body

It is estimated that 3% of the population have symptoms – tinnitus, hot ear, headaches, brain fog, heart arrhythmia, digestive problems which can be releived by reducing electrosmog.

national wellness day

national wellness day

Ex head of the World Health Organisation warns on mobile phone usage

Ex head of the World Health Organisation warns on mobile phone usage.

One of the world’s most respected people – a leader in sustainability, a peacemaker, 3 times prime minister of Norway – Gro Harlem Bruntland has hinted before that she experiences symptoms of electrosensitivity – but in a recent inetrview has clearly stated that she immediatley gets headaches if she puts a mobile phone to her head.

From the IEMFA, 20 August 2015:

Ex-WHO General-Director and Ex-Prime Minister of Norway: Wireless Technology Has Negative Health Effects. There Is No Doubt.

On Friday the 14th of August 2015, retired WHO General-Director and Prime Minister of Norway, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, was interviewed by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten*.

One of the issues raised in the interview was her current thoughts on wireless radiation. Her statement was crystal clear.

Watch the relevant clip from the interview here, subtitled in English by Citizens’ Radiation Protection, Norway.

We are grateful to Gro, for her clear and honest response.

Ex head of the World Health Organisation warns on mobile phone usage

Bruntland ex PM of Norway and ex DG of WHO

Electrosmog is real

Noel Edmonds on health risks of electrosmog in Huffington Post

Noel Edmonds is a TV celebrity in the UK. He has spoken his mind on something which is affecting the lives of an increasing number of us.

Electrosmog is real. It is the international name for electromagnetic pollution which is recognized by many authorities and governments around the world. The United Nations cancer committee the IARC categorises electrosmog as a class 2B carcinogen because of its proven links to cancer in animals. France has recently outlawed Wi-Fi in crèches and limited use primary schools because of the health risks. Over 200+ of professional scientists have recently written to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations to request that permitted electrosmog levels to be reduced significantly. The scientists want electrosmog classified the same as smoking.

Increasingly people are exhibiting symptoms of electrosensitivity such as headaches, palpitations, memory loss, fatigue, sleeplessness. Reducing radiation exposure levels often clears up the condition.