Modem Router Bag – why use one and how it works

How to block WIfi

How to block Wifi

Our modem router bag – a shielding bag that goes over a router and ties tightly to reliably stop wifi microwaves leaking out.

Keep using the internet but without wifi radiation. It consists a simple bag with a drawstring to tighten around the cables connected to the modem router. It is made of a tough durable cotton and stainless steel filament mix material which reflects wifi signals – stopping them getting out of the bag. This simply and reliably allows the modem to cool but keep working with the ethernet wired broadband.

How do modems work? Modem routers take broadband signals from a landline and convert them to ethernet (wired cables) and wifi. The bag stops the wifi part radiating you while keeping the wired cables working.

A key part of electrosmog reduction is to avoid, or at least reduce exposure to wifi when you can, especially from your own modem router which is the one closest to you and hence usually giving you the strongest exposure.

Often you can switch the wifi signal off on your modem router.

Occasionally – there is a simple on/off button for wifi only no problem. These are rare and also not supplied by your broadband supplier – so if anything goes wrong they can’t help and also it may not optimize and give you the best data speeds. So if you choose to use one supplied by your broadband supplier normally you will have to log in and set the wifi off. There are 2 problems with this – some BT homehubs continue to radiate wifi signals even when wifi is set to off. Also many modems reset when the provider loads new software – needed for security and reliability – and it is not unknown for the wifi signal to restart. So the modem bag provides a quick and simple fix.

Sent from a wired computer.

How to block WiFi

How to block WiFi easily without any technical know-how.

With many internet routers it is difficult to switch off the Wi-Fi  with certainty.

Beneficial Environments has a simple and practical solution.

We have a wi-fi router shield made from Staticot, a cotton & polyester blend with 30% fine stainless steel filament.

The bag’s fabric allows cooling of the electronics and a draw-tight seal around the cabling to stop microwave leakage.

Easy to wash & durable.

Its ample size – 15″ x 15″ / 380mm x 380mm – fits most routers.

Simply open the bag by loosening the draw string. Insert router.

Carefully pull the cords and tie a knot.

Make sure the Ethernet and power cables are not tangled and tension free.

You can order one here.

How to block WIfi

WiFi Router Shield

How to turn off WiFi on BT Home Hub 5

This is how to turn off WiFi on BT Home Hub 5 and use it wired to your laptop/PC.

Option 1 – put the hub in a shielding bag!

Option 2 connect with ethernet cable and reprogram the BT home hub 5 router

Connect an Ethernet cable from your router to your laptop.

Enable flight mode on your laptop (on my laptop it is Fn+F3).

Open a browser and browse to your BT Home Hub 5 router.


This is usually or

Click on Advanced Settings, this will take you to an Admin login screen:


Admin login page.

Enter the admin password.

Click on Continue to Advanced Settings.


Select Wireless.

Select 2.4GHz and click No to disable.


Click on Apply.

Select 5GHz and click No to disable.


Click on Apply.

Your router is now disabled for your wireless SSID.

However if you signed up to BT-FON (free wireless from other people’s BT router), your BT Home Hub 5 us still responding to requests from mobile devices attempting to connect to WiFi SSID BT-FON and your router will still be emitting WiFi. You will see the connection go up and down as devices connect and disconnect, as is the case here (Click on TroubleShooting/EventLog and filter for category Open WiFi):

how to turn off wifi on BT home hub 5

If you see repeated connections up and down, contact BT and opt-out of BT-FON, you can do this online, over the phone or via their on-line chat help.

Within 24-36 hours of opting out of BT-FON, you should see this in the logs:


How to turn off WiFi on BT Home Hub 5

Congratulations you are now using the Internet through a wired connection only (no wireless).

I hope you found this guide on how to turn off WiFi on BT Home Hub 5 useful.