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Modem Router Bag – why use one and how it works

Our modem router bag – a shielding bag that goes over a router and ties tightly to reliably stop wifi microwaves leaking out. Keep using the internet but without wifi radiation. It consists a simple bag with a drawstring to tighten around the cables connected to the modem router. It is made of a tough […]

EMF Protection

EMF Protection. We live in a technological age:- laptops, smart phones (mobile/cell-phones), cordless phones, smart meters and Wi-Fi routers are everywhere; in our homes, offices and schools and they are used almost 24×7. An accumulating body of research suggests that exposure to these EMF technologies could have long-term implications for our health. A growing number of […]

Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

Many scientists & physicians have expressed their concerns regarding the adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields. “I believe that man-made EMFs, especially dirty electricity, are chronic stressors and are responsible for many of the disease patterns of electrified populations” – Samuel Milham MD, MPH – Medical epidemiologist in occupational epidemiology. “Radio frequency radiation and other […]

EMF Filter

An EMF Filter is a well-tried and tested electrical engineering solution to problems of electromagnetic (EM) pollution. Each home, clinic or office takes between 3 and 15 filters to reduce the GS units of dirty electricity, ideally down to 30 for people who are electromagnetically sensitive (ES), or down to 50 for others. To ensure […]

EMF Protection Products

At Beneficial Environments we sell a range of EMF Protection Products these include: Earth (grounding) sheets Airtube Headsets EMF absorbing wallpaper EMF protective clothing – hats, tops, t-shirts & boxer shorts All of our products have been tried and tested by Guy Hudson, a physicist and electrosensitive. In this short video Guy talks about some of […]

Electromagnetic Shielding

There are a number of electromagnetic shielding products we recommend. to help protect and reduce your exposure to everyday electrosmog. We sell EMF shielding wallpaper. supplied in rolls of 10.05m by 53cms put up like ordinary wallpaper with standard paste. Cuts like lining paper. Good flexibility over imperfect plaster can be covered with ordinary wallpaper, is also […]

EMF Testing

We conduct EMF surveys in homes and offices in areas used for sleeping, working and resting. we do EMF testing and compare the levels recorded with those recommended by the Institute of Building Biology, Stetzer Electric and others. It is a practical, tried-and-tested approach, based on well-established science and gaining from decades of experience of EMF […]

Radio Waves and Cell Phones

Radio Waves and Cell Phones Mobile phone antennas emit radio waves (microwaves). The EMF signals they omit are actually quite low, but that is of little comfort if you live directly below or adjacent to a RF antenna. A bigger health issue are the radio waves and cell phones themselves. Your cell phone is in constant […]

Radio Frequency radiation

Radio frequency radiation (RF radiation) and visible light are just two ranges of EMF on a broad spectrum of electromagnetic energy. The electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum) contains all known frequencies of EM radiation, from radio waves toward the lower frequency end, through the visible light spectrum, all the way up to gamma rays. Radio frequency […]

EMF Radiation

There is a large body of solid science showing that electromagnetic radiation (EMF Radiation – EMR) that is a by-product of our high-tech world has many varied effects on our biology. It is time we replaced the common refrain of “no solid evidence of danger” with “it’s time we acknowledge the dangers and do something […]