Ex head of the World Health Organisation warns on mobile phone usage

Ex head of the World Health Organisation warns on mobile phone usage.

One of the world’s most respected people – a leader in sustainability, a peacemaker, 3 times prime minister of Norway – Gro Harlem Bruntland has hinted before that she experiences symptoms of electrosensitivity – but in a recent inetrview has clearly stated that she immediatley gets headaches if she puts a mobile phone to her head.

From the IEMFA, 20 August 2015:

Ex-WHO General-Director and Ex-Prime Minister of Norway: Wireless Technology Has Negative Health Effects. There Is No Doubt.

On Friday the 14th of August 2015, retired WHO General-Director and Prime Minister of Norway, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, was interviewed by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten*.

One of the issues raised in the interview was her current thoughts on wireless radiation. Her statement was crystal clear.

Watch the relevant clip from the interview here, subtitled in English by Citizens’ Radiation Protection, Norway.

We are grateful to Gro, for her clear and honest response.

Ex head of the World Health Organisation warns on mobile phone usage

Bruntland ex PM of Norway and ex DG of WHO

EMF protective clothing

I didn’t think EMF protective clothing would work. But it does – brilliantly!
Even if your main problems are headaches, covering your body with clothing reduces the radiated pollution into your body – so that your nerves and blood get protected in those areas.

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EMF protective clothing

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Why use an Airtube Headset ?

Why is the airtube headset the safest option for all mobile users?

Mobile phone and cordless phones radiate microwaves.  Holding these phones away from your head reduces the radiation absorbed by your brain by a significant factor.

It allows you to comply with the manufacturers’ safety guidance of never to use a mobile phone within 15mm (more than half an inch) from your skin.

You can use speaker mode – not private and picks up external noise.

Ordinary headsets supplied by the manufacturers radiate the brain because the wire acts as an aerial and the speaker puts potentially carcinogenic magnetic fields directly into your ear.

Airtube headsets from beneficial environments work differently: See the picture below


Airtube headset

White airtube headset

The dongle not only contains the on/off button but also the speaker. An AIRTUBE – a soft, comfortable, hollow tube with only air in it – carries the sound up to the hollow earpiece.

Technically, an airtube headset is very simple and reliable and reduces the key sources of radiation by an enormous amount.


Please do have a look at this video where Guy Hudson shows you how to use an airtube headset.



Electrosmog is real

Noel Edmonds on health risks of electrosmog in Huffington Post

Noel Edmonds is a TV celebrity in the UK. He has spoken his mind on something which is affecting the lives of an increasing number of us.

Electrosmog is real. It is the international name for electromagnetic pollution which is recognized by many authorities and governments around the world. The United Nations cancer committee the IARC categorises electrosmog as a class 2B carcinogen because of its proven links to cancer in animals. France has recently outlawed Wi-Fi in crèches and limited use primary schools because of the health risks. Over 200+ of professional scientists have recently written to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations to request that permitted electrosmog levels to be reduced significantly. The scientists want electrosmog classified the same as smoking.

Increasingly people are exhibiting symptoms of electrosensitivity such as headaches, palpitations, memory loss, fatigue, sleeplessness. Reducing radiation exposure levels often clears up the condition.

Earthed recovery sleeping bags

I recommend all electrosensitive people should have earthed recovery sleeping bags –

Where you sleep for hopefully 8 hours a day is where you can heal and recover to reduce your sensitivity

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Also they are a good means of being able to travel so that you can sleep protected from wifi, mobile phone and poor quality mains electricity.

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A musician’s experiences of electrosensitivity

I read and watch a lot of material on electrosensitivity but this is full of humanity, feeling, knowledge and understanding.

A musician’s life is seriously affected by her electrosensitivity and she describes with great clarity and from the heart.

Radiation Diaries – Elizabeth’s Story  [If the privacy settings SORRY message comes up click the “Watch on Vimeo” button]

In this episode of “Radiation Diaries,” Elizabeth relates,
in metaphorical terms, the profound negative affects of
microwave. The proliferation of cell phones, towers, mobile
devices and “smart” meters, have required that she retreat
into her ecologically green home.

Because there is now a proliferation of massive numbers of
wireless devices, which broadcast microwaves and other
energies, it must be assumed that the average person
in the U.S. receives levels of radiation never before
experienced in human history.