We provide solutions to the problems caused by electromagnetic pollution.


There is a major change happening in society. People are realizing that electromagnetic radiation from everyday technology – wifi, mobiles, etc is affecting their health.

The World Health Organisation recognises low and high frequency radiation as causing cancer in animals and possibly causing cancer in humans. Hundreds of scientists are lobbying the UN to reclassify EM radiation as a definite human carcinogen. [When this occurred with smoking, governments around the world acted decisively to warn us.] It is just a matter of time before governments’ will have to act to protect us from EM radiation, meanwhile we must take care to protect ourselves.

We are here to help you reduce everyday exposure to electrosmog. We provide solutions in the form of products which have been tried, tested and really worked for us – reducing electrosmog and the symptoms of electrosensitivity and there is good hard science behind how and why they work.

We also perform electromagnetic surveys in your home, office, or clinic to identify problem radiation and then design an environment to suit your requirements. Following the surveys, we can advise on renovations, extensions and new builds. Often we are called in when people are considering buying a new property and want to know the EM radiation levels.

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This free ebook on ‘How to Reduce your Everyday Electromagnetic Pollution’ is a series of articles on the most frequently asked questions to help you understand and get informed about electrosmog. Guy recommends you read this as a good introduction to this sometimes confusing subject that affects us all.

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Get Wired 2015 - Guy Hudson - Electromagnetic Life

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I would suggest Guy Hudson. A high consciousness, forward thinking man, an ace trouble-shooter and particularly relevant to this issue, a scientist. Among other things he is an electromagnetic surveyor. He assessed my house a couple of years ago.

JH Somerset
We had a very difficult issue with pulsing RF from a neighbour’s Solar Inverter running through the cabling in our property.
Thankfully, Guy came out and solved what had become a complex problem, restoring calm back to our home.
John S.Hampshire

The survey showed directly what was wrong and why I was getting my symptoms. It was really complicated but the solutions were simple and when I did what I was advised I did get start getting better.

Mrs. R.Littlehampton

Yes, at last something that made a difference. We worked out some good practical things to do to reduce my radiation.  I thought I’d  tried everything.

Petronella S.Guildford

I don’t understand radio waves and electricity but Guy measured my house and his action plan has given me my life back.

Veronica W.London


The wallpaper wasn’t cheap, but it was easy to put up and made a big difference to my sleep.

Miss Liz G Hemel Hempstead

My headset allows me to use a phone for work without getting a headache. I get strange feeling when I put a mobile to my ear. This headset allows me to use my phone for much longer.

Peter B.Burgess Hill
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