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Enjoy the benefits of lower pollution.



Everyday technology – wifi, mobiles, even the electricity supply is affecting our health through Electromagnetic Radiation.

If anyone is wondering if there is scientific evidence of the health effects of EM fields please download and read this paper.

It can be complicated but we are here to help you make simple straightforward changes to  reduce your exposure to electrosmog.

We survey homes, offices and workplaces to identify radiation and advise on solutions. We also do consultation by phone and Skype.

Our webshop provides a range of solutions in the form of products which have been tried, tested and proven to be effective on lowering electrosmog in order to reduce the symptoms of EM sensitivity and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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An experienced engineer and physicist, who became severely sensitive to electromagnetic pollution. After extensive training from some of the world’s leading experts, he cured himself and has developed a method of surveying to identify sources and successfully reducing the intensity of electromagnetic pollution and helping people enjoy the benefits of safer electromagnetics.



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This free ebook on ‘How to Reduce your Everyday Electromagnetic Pollution’ is a series of articles on the most frequently asked questions to help you understand and get informed about electrosmog. Guy recommends you read this as a good introduction to this sometimes confusing subject that affects us all.

Do also look at our articles below (you can search for topics, too) for updates. By downloading the ebook you will also receive news updates and our regular blog articles.


We work in many ways – here are some of them…

Quality of Work: In our work we follow international guidelines, such as EUROPAEM, which are based on extensive medical and bioelectromagnetic research and tested building materials and technologies. You can be assured we are basing our solutions and products on a large body of reputable science and engineering and years of experience in our field.

Clients: For individuals and families who have symptoms of electrosensitivity or want to prevent symptoms as part of a health-conscious lifestyle: We train electromagnetic hygiene (how to use technology, and personal protection with clothing and bedding)  and implementing electromog exposure reduction by shielding and absorbing Faraday cages, and filtering and demands switches for reduction of mains frequency pollution.
We also have products for people who want to avoid the negative effects of radiation while traveling: in cars, buses and trains.

Schools: We advise schools on how to reduce electrosmog in the classroom

Buildings: Assisting in the specification and design of buildings – house extensions, new build houses and offices, extracare flats, even the outside areas – even gardens working with architects, builders, electricians, decorators, and plumbers.  We have worked on technically complex projects such as Ecohouses where the requirements can conflict with ours and a balance has to be struck.

Geographical Coverage: We have small team of affiliated surveying consultants who cover the whole of the UK and Ireland. The surveyors are trained and mentored by us. We support clients in other countries by special arrangement and also remote support.



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If anyone is wondering if there is scientific evidence of the…



As a family, we treat electromagnetic hygiene as a top priority, and do what we can to make our home free of EMF pollution.  Guy has helped us greatly on this journey to identify and remedy unwanted and hidden sources of exposure.  We have used his products and services for several years and gladly recommend him to other members of our family and friends.
Mike, West Sussex.

I would suggest Guy Hudson. A high consciousness, forward thinking man, an ace trouble-shooter and particularly relevant to this issue, a scientist. Among other things he is an electromagnetic surveyor. He assessed my house a couple of years ago.

JH Somerset
We had a very difficult issue with pulsing RF from a neighbour’s Solar Inverter running through the cabling in our property.
Thankfully, Guy came out and solved what had become a complex problem, restoring calm back to our home.
John S.Hampshire

The survey showed directly what was wrong and why I was getting my symptoms. It was really complicated but the solutions were simple and when I did what I was advised I did get start getting better.

Mrs. R.Littlehampton

Yes, at last something that made a difference. We worked out some good practical things to do to reduce my radiation.  I thought I’d  tried everything.

Petronella S.Guildford

I don’t understand radio waves and electricity but Guy measured my house and his action plan has given me my life back.

Veronica W.London


The wallpaper wasn’t cheap, but it was easy to put up and made a big difference to my sleep.

Miss Liz G Hemel Hempstead

My headset allows me to use a phone for work without getting a headache. I get strange feeling when I put a mobile to my ear. This headset allows me to use my phone for much longer.

Peter B.Burgess Hill


I’ve watched your introductory video on electro-magnetic radiation & the health issues associated with higher & lower frequencies ranges + your video on the importance of being properly earthed. I watched a number of videos & read quite a lot of written information over the years & I’ve found yours to be especially informative & well presented – thank you

ABNew Zealand
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